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Cub Scout Insignia Right Front World Conservation Award

World Conservation Award

The World Conservation Award comes in two versions: A Cub Scout and a Boy Scout version. There are different requirements for each award as listed in the Wolf, Bear and WEBELOS Cub Scout Books and in the Boy Scout and Conservation Handbooks for Boy/Varsity Scouts.

The design of the badge incorporates the panda logo of the World Wildlife Fund, which sponsers the Award on a worldwide basis with the fleur-de-lis, which is found on or as the basis for many nation's Scouting emblems. The World Conservation Award is earned by Scouts and Venturers in many other nations outside of the United States.

The most frequently asked question about this award is "Where does it go?"

In the first days of this international Scouting emblem, many Scouters incorrectly thought that it replaced the World Crest emblem on the left side of the uniform shirt. Later, other Scouters incorrectly stated that it goes on the right side in the same location as the Jamboree emblem, because it is an "international emblem."

The Boy Scouts' National Uniform and Insignia Committee decided when the badge was first made available that the Cub Scout and Boy Scout World Conservation Awards would be TEMPORARY EMBLEMS.

Temporary emblems are worn centered on the right pocket of either the Cub Scout and Boy Scout/Varsity Scout uniforms.

As a followup, the Cub Scout emblem is NOT TRANSFERABLE to the Boy Scout uniform; there are separate requirements to earn the Boy Scout version of the World Conservation Award.

When a WEBELOS Cub Scout or Cub Scout become a Boy Scout, the Cub Scout World Conservation Award comes off and the new Scout must now earn the appropriate merit badges and complete other requirements to earn the Boy Scout version of the World Conservation Award.

Shown below are three versions of the World Conservation Award:

The emblem on the left is the Cub Scout version of the Award; on the right, is the Boy Scout version of the award.

The emblem on the center is the current "blend in" version of the Award which can be worn either on the current Boy Scout khakitan uniform or the WEBELOS Cub Scout uniform by those holders of the Award.

World Conservation Awards

World Conservation Awards

Nancy asked for some confirmation on the World Conservation Award placement.

Hi. I received your e-mail on the placement. Are you sure?

The current BSA Insignia Guide, Page 13, shows the Cub Scout World Conservation Award, #00139. Here's where it says it goes:

"Cub Scout, worn as a temporary patch on right pocket."

This would place a hard earned award under the compass points emblem on the Webelos uniform or the immediate recognition badge on the Bear and Wolf ranks.

Yep, but the BSA views the World Conservation Award as a temporary item, and not as a permanent badge of any sort.

I through this question at our den and a member who had transferred in told us his old pack put the badge over the right pocket. This made sense. To back it up he was thumbing through his sons Webelo book and found a picture of a scout on page 178 (communicator) which had the patch in this location.

Both are incorrect. For Cub Scouts, NOTHING goes over the right pocket. The Progress Toward Ranks emblem and bead and the WEBELOS Compass Points emblem are NOT sewn but rather hang from the pocket. In those cases, it is perfectly fine for the World Conservation (or any other temporary patch) to be worn there on the pocket. Normally, the rule of thumb is that either a patch is sewn on the pocket or is suspended from the pocket button...not both. In Cub Scouting, however, we're dealing with limited "real estate".

The place above the pocket is reserved for those Cub Scouts participating in a National or World Jamboree or other international encampment and for the Interpreter strips.

Please get back with me again on this! Seems to be confussion in the ranks -- possibly including you?

Nope, no confusion on this side. I referenced two publications...the Cub Scout Leader Guide and the BSA's official Uniform and Insignia Guide, both which are available from your Council office.

You brought up a good point however, one which I'll be happy to share with the BSA's national uniform and insignia guru next month. In the meantime, I'll post a followup to the unofficial Insignia site with your concern....very valid, I may add!

Thanks for asking for the verification, Nancy...I do appreciate it!


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