<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>My Council Shoulder Patch (CSP) and other "want list" (as of March 2016) </TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY > <H4> I am in the final stages of completing the first run of my personal CSP collection. I need the following CSPs to complete it. Have one of these??</H4> <P> <B> <CENTER><TABLE Border=2 Width=15 CELLPADDING=1 CELLSPACING=1> <TR><TD BGCOLOR="#008000">Need It, Please!</TD><TD BGCOLOR="#FF0000">Have It, Thanks!</TD></TR></TABLE></CENTER> <P> <HR Size=4> <CENTER><TABLE Border=2 Width=17 CELLPADDING=1 CELLSPACING=1> <TR><TD BGCOLOR="#008000"> Buttes Area</TD> <TD BGCOLOR="#008000"> Iroquois</TD> <TD BGCOLOR="#008000">Rockland County</TD> <TD BGCOLOR="#008000">Cayuga County</TD></TR> </TABLE></CENTER> <P> My Council Shoulder Strip (CSP) collection</B> started before I left for the 1973 National Scout Jamboree. I could say that I was one of the first CSP collectors. I started out after writing a letter to National, asking just how many Councils there were and how to collect each and every one of the CSPs that existed at that time. I eventually collected all of the ones from Kentucky (my home state), and then after attending the Jamboree, came back with a handful of CSPs to start my collection out with. <P> The CSPs just kept on coming through trades and swaps and I finally got two black binders from my father and a lot of those BSA CSP holders....my two binders are now almost to the busting point, because I've finally managed to collect all 433 of the local Councils that existed up until 1992. It was in 1993, that the BSA started forcing smaller local Councils to merge and lots of Councils merged or consolidated operations to keep from being cut. I continued to collect CSPs based on the BSA's listing of Councils that I was mailed a copy of in 1979, and checking them off of a master map of the BSA's local Councils that I've received since then. <P> Many of these CSPs were given to me as "payment" for speeches or presentations at their Councils, so they have a special meaning for me as I collect them and keep them in my binders. Some of them have matching coffeemugs, which I've also recieved as "payment" for speeches and such and likewise, I've held on to them because of the special reason that I've received them. <P> In addition to owning a completed set or close to it, I also own sets of Direct Service, Green Zone Council and National Office CSPs....including a National Office Visitor CSP that's pretty rare and several other CSPs which are rare for one reason or another. I plan on holding onto these pieces of cloth and hopefully pass them onward to one of my children as they get older. There are some CSPs that I will continue to keep, like the National Office ones and the first ones from Kentucky's five local Councils as well as some "non-existant" CSPs like the Dixieland and Cardinal Councils. <P> Please help me to finish this up so that I can move onward with starting to collect the NEW set of CSPs representing the BSA's local Councils as they exist presently. I have started with the new collection -- the ones prior to 2002. I'm looking forward to the new challenge...thanks for any leads you can give me! <P> <B>"What ELSE do I collect or want to find?"</B> <P> I am also in need of the following items to add to my own personal collection. If you have any of these items, please post me and let me know so we can extract a trade or purchase -- and thank you for helping me to find these: <P> <UL> <LI>A LARGE or EXTRA LARGE BLUE (Cub Scout/Explorer) Jac-shirt (made just like the red ones, except everything is Cub Scout blue!) This is the only item I will pay lotsa money for (depending on condition, $250). <P> <LI>Anything dealing with the ALL OUT FOR SCOUTING! program in the 70s (especially the 11x17 color cardboard illustration of the Crest of Leadership -- I need one of them) <P> <LI>Several of the <B>Transatlantic Council</B> segments -- I actually collect them all and can always trade the dups off. I am particularily looking for the camp and special activity segments. There is a listing of what specifically I am looking for on the front page of my <a href="tacsegs.htm">TAC segments</A> page <P> <LI>A large blue teeshirt with the male and female "symbols" and the wording "Exploring is for EVERY BODY" above and below them. <P> <LI><B>Local</B> versions of the <A HREF="gift.htm">Bicentennial (GIFT) emblems</A>. I have two sets of the five official emblems; what I am looking for are local community emblems using that same theme (1975-78). I am also looking for the version of the original five emblems with a *gold mylar border*. <P> <LI>Quality Region emblem from any year; and one of each plaque (District, Council, Region) from any year. <P> <LI>An eight-inch fully embrodered National Explorer Presidents Congress emblem. <P> <LI><strike>A six inch fully embroredered Zit-Kala-Sha Lodge jacket patch and a Bicentennial Zit-Kala-Sha Lodge flap (blue and white with red bird holding Ordeal sash in talons).</strike> <P> <LI>A SOUTHEAST REGION grey plaque (this has an outline of the old Southeast Region divided by areas) <P> <LI>A Spurgeon Award lucite plaque (I have a wood one and just would like the lucite one to place in my "I love me room". The Spurgeon wood plaque is currently waiting with other wall things in a box for my next "military office assignment"). <P> <LI>A replacement for the two Young American Award lucite "trophies" which were lost in a move and trail medals from Kentucky or southern Indiana which were thrown out by my mom (contact me for the names of the trails. There were eleven hiking trails I participated in). <P> <LI>Any OFFICIAL Square knot emblems, especially those not displayed on my Square knot pages. I'm not interested in the "square knot for the BSA Lifeguard Award" and stupid stuff like that. I earned the BSA Lifeguard emblem and have it on those now small swim trunks (where it belongs!) in a box at my family's home in Kentucky! <P> <LI><strike>and a 1977 National Scout Jamboree contest medal.</strike> <P> If you have any of these items, let me know please! Thanks for any leads you may have. As you can see, the list is getting smaller and smaller over the years!! <P> <I><B> Settummanque!! <P></I></B> <BR> <P> <HR> <FONT SIZE=-2><CENTER><I>&copy; 2016 Settummanque! for Rose Walton </I><BR> <I>Designed by <A HREF="mailto:kyblkeagle@aol.com?Subject=Webpage Design">Mike Walton </A></I></CENTER></FONT> <HR> </B> </BODY> </HTML>