Transatlantic Council (TAC) Segments

I have been truly blessed with starting out my Scouting while a member of the Transatlantic Council. This page contains both my personal awards as well as those that I've collected over the past ten years.

Recognizing that everyone wants to be recognized for their participation in various unit, District, Council, and national events and activities, the Transatlantic Council -- called "TAC" by its members (headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany and serving youth in most of Europe, the Near East and Northern Africa) -- developed a simple, inexpensive and highly impressive way to recognize participation by its Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and leaders.

The central item is the TAC "Round the World" emblem shown at the top of the page. It is a three-inch circular emblem which serves a dual purpose: to recognize members of the Council as well as the central item which the segmented patches (segments) goes around. The countries the Council serves are in red and has changed over the years as the Council's presence in those countries changes. This was my original emblem worn from March 18th, 1968 until February 20th, 1971.

Segments are presented for participation in unit activities -- pinewood derbies, Summertime activities, and Cub Scout Day camp for Cubs; summer camps, Camporees and troop/adult leadership training events for Scouts; and special opportunities for Explorers and older Boy Scouts. While what is shown here is a lot, it does NOT represent ALL of the segments available through the TAC. These segments, as an example, goes back to my participation in Scouting from 1968-71, 72-73, 83-86, 1991, 1996-97, 2004, and the present time, 2009-2010.

I am in the process of trying to collect and identify ALL of the segments; I have been able to locate somewhere around 60 or so; I am aware of 80 different segments. If you know or have segments to trade or sell to me, please post me and let me know!

The border color of the frame which holds the segment indicates those that I've earned (in green) and those I did not earn but have collected or traded for this display (in red).

In my officeroom, I have two displays: one, which shows all of the ones that I have earned centered around the TAC emblem shown; and another one, with sets of segments which I have collected over the past ten years.

I am looking for the following segments:
Physical Fitness segment (red heart on dark blue background; earned by earning the President's Physical Fitness Award); Fellowship segment (small yellow peacepipe on white background, small segment (half the size of regular segments); earned by participating in a OA fellowship or conclave meeting; Conference segment (yellow Heidelberg tower on green background; given for attending either the fall Training and Service conference or the spring Council Conference); Camp Yasoo segment (the word "YASOO" in black over the background in the flag colors of Greece, blue and white); Camp Youlbury segment (the word "YOULBURY" in black over the background of the English flag, the Union Jack, blue, red and white); Camp Deeds segment (the word "Deeds" in black over the background of the German flag, black, red and yellow); Camp Fleur-De-Lis segment (the word "Fleur-De-Lis" in black over the background of the French flag, red, white and blue).

BSA uniforming regulation only allow for the first two "rings" to fit as temporary insignia on the right uniform pocket. To get around this, many Scouts and Scouters have placed these emblems on the backs of jackets or on pieces of cloth which is attached temporarily to the right pocket button.
Here is an illustration of how limiting but also how neat this looked on a Scout shirt:

The segments shown and a brief description of how to earn or receive each follows; they are divided for viewing on these pages into the following catagories:

In 2000, a new version of the central patch shown above was created to celebrate the Council's 50th anniversary. It's different, to say the least! (Personal comment only: I think it would have been much better if the Council placed a gold mylar threaded border around the old patch and updated it only to show the current "stretch" of the Council...I think it would be a great collector's item and not look as ugly as this emblem does. But hey...what do I know about such things, right?? *smiling*)

Later in 2000, a revision to the new version of the central patch shown above was created to tone down the colors used in the previous version. The differences are that the lettering is now black and the outline of the countries are now in a darker green instead of lime green.

Later in 2005, a revision to the new version of the central patch a multicolor central patch to help celebrate the Council's 50th year of service to youth in Europe, the Near East and North Africa was revealed.

To assist the Council with the building of its new Council Service Center in Italy (Camp Darby, the home to Camp Tuscany!) and the NEW Camp Freedom in Germany (you didn't know that Camp Freedom has moved? Please read this and please support the Council with whatever you can!!) , a special central patch was created.

(Thanks to Chuck Kirland for the new central patches and for the new segments which appear on the activities page. I do appreciate it greatly!)

There are some six or seven TAC Council patches which have been made to support the program; I have several of them and are still looking for others. I can also use another one of the special TAC EXPLORING central patch which was made for Explorers and their leaders registered with the Council.
Take a look and if you've got something different than these, please post me and let me know.

I hope you've enjoyed this view of these special small pieces of cloth and thread. I have enjoyed showing you what I've earned and was proud to wear and those that I didn't earn but have found a part of Scouting's history overseas.

If you can help me with finding additional segments, please let me know!


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