Wearing Transatlantic Council (TAC) Segments

BSA uniforming regulation only allow for the first two "rings" to fit as temporary insignia on the right uniform pocket. To get around this, many Scouts and Scouters have placed these emblems on the backs of jackets or on pieces of cloth which is attached temporarily to the right pocket button.

The following illustration shows how wearing two rings exceeds the dimensions of the right pocket, which the BSA says is not allowed. Many Scouts and Scouters suspend the segments from a piece of cloth attached to the pocket button, so that it could be easily taken off during those times that it would not be appropriate for wear (for instance, during uniform inspections).

Other Scouters, like myself, have worn them in a circular pattern on the backside of my Scout jacket, which not only increases the value of the jacket, but also provides a very beautiful display of the patches (and also marks you out of a crowd while you're walking around!!)

I hope you've enjoyed this view of these special small pieces of cloth and thread. I have enjoyed showing you what I've earned and was proud to wear and those that I didn't earn but have found a part of Scouting's history overseas.

These segments are part of the personal insignia collection of Mike Walton .

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