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small 												illustration of where insignia is worn on the right side of the uniform shirt by Boy Scouts, 									Varsity Scouts, and most Scouters

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Typical insignia on RIGHT FRONT SIDE of uniform shirt

Boy Scout Uniform Right Front Right Front

Typical insignia on RIGHT FRONT SIDE of uniform shirt

This page addresses in GENERAL TERMS what can/should be worn on the RIGHT FRONT SIDE of the typical Boy Scout/Varsity Scout/Boy Scouter uniform shirt. This closely matches what is displayed within the BSA's Insignia (Control) Guide except it goes into some additonal detail and shows things in color and a little larger than the illustration.

The biggest questions center around this side of the uniform shirt, so there's a lot of discussion and explaination about the types and decriptions of the various insignia to go on this side of the shirt.

Right pocket of field uniform

Right pocket of field uniform (showing segments and Varsity strip)

From top to bottom:

  • A Jamboree patch or an international experience patch (one or the other; previous BSA uniforming policies allowed two such patches, one representing a national Jamboree and the other an international or World Jamboree. The reasoning for one or the other today is because the patches are much larger and only those Scouts and Scouters with larger shirt sizes can place both patches on the shirt. The policy was changed to reflect one emblem at a time in 1985)

  • if the Jamboree had a "wide game", or series of activities, then the Wide Game segment(s) -- if earned -- are worn below or surrounding the official Jamboree emblem

  • a nametag, optionally

  • up to three Interpreter Strips

  • the "Boy Scouts of America", "Scout BSA", "Exploring BSA", "Venturing BSA", "Sea Scouting BSA", "Sea Exploring BSA", or "Cub Scouts BSA" strips, depending on the age of the uniform and type of uniform shirt. Most of the current khakitan shirts have the "Boy Scouts of America" strip pre-sewn onto the shirts.

  • if earned, an Order of the Arrow Lodge Flap. This should be the Lodge flap representing the current Lodge you belong to

    Let's stop right here. The Order of the Arrow, Scouting's national camping and service honorary, has established that the right pocket flap of Boy Scout and Scouter uniforms is where they want Order of the Arrow insignia and ONLY on that location. Why?? It has to do with the traditions of the Order of the Arrow and there is a justification for wearing the flap on the right side of the uniform. The OA sash is suspended from the right side, and OA ceremonies support the "right side" of things.

  • suspended from the pocket flap is the Order of the Arrow "arrow pin". The basic pin, or "dangle" (called so because it is designed to "dangle" off the pocket flap) is a red and white striped ribbon with a bronze arrow at the bottom which Arrowmen can wear with or without a flap.

    Normally, those Arrowmen that choose not to wear a OA flap wears the Arrow Pin, as shown below. Those whom have received the Vigil Honor, the OA's highest honor, wear the small Vigil device on the Arrow ribbon, as shown in the illustration below. There is also a 75th Anniversary dangle with a gold turtle and arrow suspended from a red ribbon which may be worn instead by those eligible Arrowmen; and a OA Service dangle which is white to which gold arrows can be suspended in addition to the Vigil Pin for those who qualify for that award.

    OA flap on with Vigil device on Arrow ribbon

  • on the pocket itself can go ANY temporary emblem, as long as the dimensions of the patch (or patches, to include segmented patches) does not exceed the dimensions of the right pocket. It can be suspended from the pocket, or permanently sewn or glued to the pocket.

  • below the pocket can go a RECRUITER strip

  • Nothing else

On the Cub Scout field uniform (the blue or the khaki-tan version), the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award may be worn on the right pocket flap. More information about it and the Cub Scout Summertime Pack Award can be found on a separate page.

For some reason, local Councils have decided that the right pocket is also THEIR location for special program patches (as in the Sunnyland Council's (and a few other Councils)"honor camper" flap, shown here:

Sunny Land Council's honor camper award flap and OA Arrow ribbon


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