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Red Scout vest with patches

ANYTHING may be worn on the red "brag vest." Anything up to the Scout and of course his parents. So Coast Guard and Air Force patches may indeed be worn anywhere on the vest. There is absolutely NO POLICY (written or otherwise) on what could or could not be worn on the red vest. Likewise, if a Scout or Scouter is wearing a non-BSA vest or jacket, anything may be worn on it as well.


All Uniform Right Front Recruiter Strip

Recruiter Strips and Patches

Recruiter Strip/Patches

The BSA has had some sort of strip or emblem to recognize those Scouts and Scouters whom have assisted or actually recruited another to become a part of the BSA since the middle 40s.

The first strips were made out of linen or silk and only had the word "Recruiter" on it. As time went onward, the BSA introduced strips tied to the current national program theme.

The current strip was first introduced in the middle 80s and many thought that because of its size and similarity to the Interpreter strips, that it belonged above the "Boy Scouts of America" strip on the right side of the uniform. Incorrect. The strip has always gone either on the bottom part of the right uniform pocket or below the right uniform pocket.

It is currently worn below the right uniform pocket of the Cub Scout, Boy/Varsity Scout, Venturing, Sea Scouting, or volunteer uniform. Professional Scouters do not normally wear recruiter strips but they may wear a temporary "Roundup" patch to assist with promotion of the recruitment drive.

Many Scouters have been looking for some official written description of how a Scout earns the Recruiter strip.

The Recruiter strip is a local Council option.

Some Councils use the strip because its the cheapest way to promote the program and provide a meaningful recognition piece for Scouts and Scouters. Other Councils create a special "Roundup" patch to present to Scouts and a matching coffee mug for adults who recruit another Scout or Scouter.

If a Council provides a "Roundup" or "Recruiter" patch or emblem, it is considered a temporary item and is worn centered on the right pocket of the Scout, Venturer, Sea Scout, or Scouter uniform.

There is no time period for the Scout or Scouter to remain an active member before the recruiter strip or emblem is presented, for once the fees are collected and turned in, the person is approved as a member of the BSA until either the expiration of the unit's charter or the expiration of the individual registration certificate, whichever is later.

examples of recruiting insignia and coffeemug

There are SOME Councils who do NOT offer ANY form of recognition for Scouts or Scouter recruiters.

Like the different ways that recruiters can be recognized, there's different ways that the "requirements" can be applied by the Council. Most Councils require that the application is filled out, accompanied by the required national fee, signed and submitted to the local Council office.

Some Councils require that the application be submitted, with or without the registration fee. Still other Councils require that the application be submitted to the Council office and approved by the District's Executive.

Finally, there are some other Councils whom do not require applications to be submitted at all...

The best way to find out how your Council handles recruiter strips is to ask your Council's Registrar or your Unit's Commissioner. They will be in the best position to let you know about the procedure your Council has chosen to recognize those wanting to increase the number of youth members in the unit.


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