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How the OA sash is worn

Order of the Arrow (OA for short) sashes are worn as shown above. They are NEVER suspended from a belt or pants top. More information on other OA items which may be worn and their locations can be found on a separate page.


Boy/Varsity Scout Uniform Sash Order of the Arrow (OA)

Order of the Arrow (OA) sashes

Jay Schnapp provided the following information dealing with the three Order of the Arrow sashes, how they are worn, what may be worn with them, and when are they worn:

The official Order of the Arrow sash is available for members through the lodge or local council service center, or through the Supply Division of the BSA. It is a white fabric sash with a red arrow embroidered upon it.

Ordeal members wear the sash with a red embroidered arrow:
Order of the Arrow Ordeal Sash

Brotherhood members wear the sash with a red embroidered arrow enclosed by two red bars:
Order of the Arrow Brotherhood Sash

Vigil Honor members alone wear the sash with a red embroidered arrow enclosed by two red bars, bearing a red triangle superimposed on the arrow shaft. Within the red triangle are three white arrows:
Order of the Arrow Vigil Honor Sash

The Order of the Arrow sash is worn with the official scout uniform or Scouting's official adult dress wear (a blue blazer and gray slacks). The sash also may be worn by Elangomats who are not in uniform at an Ordeal, youth wearing ceremonial attire, and in such other instances as approved by the Scout Executive. The sash is worn over the right shoulder so that the arrow is pointing over the right shoulder (see the illustration above left). The sash is worn diagonally across the chest. It is not worn in any other manner. If worn with either the "Legacy" or "Centennial" Scout uniform, it is permissable to place the sash under or over the right shoulder loop.

Sashes may not be altered in any way or form. Beading or any other material is not permitted on the sash. Nothing is to be worn on the sash, including signatures, patches of any kind, pins, or "legends" (embrordered or drawn illustrations of the history of the Order of the Arrow or of the local lodge). The only exceptions are the 50th, 60th or Centennial anniversary awards. These may be worn as an option, by those who have earned them, on the shoulder portion above the bar at the point of the arrow; or below the bar at the bottom of the arrow.

The sash is worn at Order of the Arrow functions (work days, conclaves, banquets, "tap outs", etc.) and special Scouting activities, when members need to be identified as Arrowmen rendering special services (for instance when Arrowmen are serving as escorts or honor guard members).

--- Order of the Arrow Handbook (#34996), page 57
2010 Printing

Thanks, Jay, for finding the references!!


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