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Illustration of wearing tie with (legacy) uniform

Whether old or new, "good manners" call for the wearing of some sort of neckwear when wearing a long-sleeved shirt.


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Hunter Russell wrote and asked me:

Back in the stone ages (15+ years ago) - I read or was told that when the long sleeve field uniform shirt was worn, some neck wear (neckerchief, bolo, tie) was supposed to be worn with it.

You and I were told absolutely correctly. It was a part of good manners....men wear neckwear with long-sleeved shirts and do not wear neckwear with short-sleeved shirts.

This was NOT printed in the BSA's Insignia Control Guides of those times, but rather in the older (60s, early 70s) versions of the Scout Handbook.

It was one of those many things which spun from the customs and traditions of dress of that time. If you were a Boy Scout, and you wore a long-sleeved shirt, you MUST have a neckerchief, tie, bolo tie or bandanna around your neck in order for it to be "official." When we "improved the program", and made it optional for the neckerchief to be worn, many Scouts and Scouters took it literally that NO neckwear was to be worn. It made it hard to sell Scout ties during that time.

I still wear a neckerchief with long-sleeved shirts and sometimes I'll find a brown tie and wear it with my wool Exploring/Venturing outfit. But there are times in which I'll wear the Wood Badge and nothing more with my long-sleeved shirts.

Thanks for asking, Russell...


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