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Eagle Scout medal

The only time that the Eagle Scout Award can be worn with a military uniform is when it is being awarded to a Soldier, Sailor, Marine, Airman, or Coastie. Afterwards, it's to be taken off and sent home. It's a military regulation thing and NOT a Scouting thing.


Boy Scout Uniform Right Front Eagle Medal with Army uniform

Wearing Eagle Medal with (Army) Military Uniform

Hey SSG Janco!

You wrote and asked me:

My name is SGT Brian Janco, I am an AGR (Active Guard/Reserve) soldier stationed in Ocala, FL.


I need some help with a few things. I've heard from many people that the Eagle Scout Medal is allowed to be worn on the Army Uniform, but I have found this nowhere in the Regulations.

Nope. It's NOT in the regulation and the ONLY time you can wear an Eagle Scout medal is when you are being *awarded* it. For instance, if you earned Eagle before you started BCT (Basic Combat Training) and AIT (Advanced Individual Training), the Eagle Scout Medal CAN be awarded to you (and you can wear it) for that *day* that you've earned Eagle. At ALL OTHER TIMES, you can't wear it on a uniform.

Take a look at this page for more specifics.

During the 2001 National Jamboree, I made up some cards with clips attached and gave them to Soldiers who are Eagle Scouts or Silver Beaver receipients. That came the closest to allowing Soldiers to wear the medal on the uniform. I got the idea from a Sergeant Major who did the same thing for the previous Jamboree.

Another question I have is about the Army Youth Certificate of Reconition. I recieved my Eagle Scout Award in Dec. 2002, but it wasnt until now that i found out about the Certificate. Do you think I am eligible for it?

Nope. It's a Army recruiting thing, and they use the leads information generated as part of getting the certificate to entice you to join the Army. Since you're already *in* the Army, you can't get it. Besides, it doesn't help with promotion points anyways... it's not a Certificate of Acheivement nor a Certificate of Training.

But you could probably be-bop down to an Army Recruiting station and ask them to "slide you one" since the Recruiting Battalions (the public affairs person at that Battalion) has "ownership" over those certificates.

As a fellow Eagle Scout, I too wish that someone would truly followthru and finished what former Army Secretary Togo West started... he wanted an "Youth Leadership ribbon" to be authorized for wear on the Army uniform. But it hasn't happened yet. In the meantime, we Eagle Scouts will just have to show our leadership and service through our actions.

Hooah, Sergeant!


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