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Cub Scout Uniform Left front Left front insignia (Cub Scout)

Left Front Insignia (Cub Scout)

This is the insignia which goes on the LEFT SIDE of the front of Cub Scout uniforms. Separate pages address Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts and Venturers'; and adult volunteer/professional insignia which is worn on the LEFT FRONT of the uniform shirt.

Regardless of the color of the uniform shirt, the placement of Cub Scout insignia is the same. The insignia may be sewn onto the shirt, or attached to the shirt through a special see-thru plastic holder which is attached to the left pocket button. This holder, while official, is not personally recommended because there is no place on the holder for the Arrow Points earned by the Cub Scout -- you end up sewing them to the shirt anyhow, so you might as well sew the other insignia there as well. Besides, the complaint that "I'll have to buy a new shirt when he becomes a Boy Scout" is very valid and true -- very few WEBELOS Cub Scouts will not outgrow the Cub Scout shirt before he turns 10 and a half or 11 years old and you would have to purchase or obtain a new Boy Scout shirt then anyhow.

You may also download a template which is "actual size" and you can place on the shoulder and "match up" the location of the insignia. The template is done using Adobe's(tm) Acrobat Reader program. Again, there is a separate page which has a template for Boy Scouting-specific insignia.

Basic rule of Scouting uniform is NEATNESS. Things do NOT have to be "exact" and nobody should expect every uniform to match up exactly to the templates provided here nor to a ruler or metric. The most important part is that the insignia is CLOSE TO or NEAR where it SHOULD be, and that the insignia reflects the CURRENT STATUS of the individual wearing the uniform.

Graphic from template - front left side (with several program year pins)

Individual pages explain each element found here:

World Crest and Why We Wear it
Centennial Recognition piece
"Knot Insignia" of the BSA
Year Pins
the SEAL Badge and the Sea Badge
Wearing Training Award Medals
Venturing Insignia and Uniforming
Wearing Award Medals
Boy Scout Rank Insignia
The Arrow of Light


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