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Adult Uniform Left Side/Knot Insignia Sea Badge (Training) Award

Sea Badge (Training) Award

Sea Badge Award
Sea Badge

Three versions of the Sea Badge; the current version is on the far right
Sea Badge Training Recognition

Description: Uniform cloth emblem has been discontinued as of December 2012. The following information is posted as historical information only. The Uniform "knot emblem" was designed from an earlier unofficial knot emblem; the emblem in the center of the uniform patch is a blue trident on a grey (silver) background with a blue border. (personal opinion: the BSA needs to approve the older unoffical design, which looks better and fits the field uniform better.)

Worn by: Male and Female Sea Scouting leaders, Male and Female Scouters

Earned or Received: Earned

Invitation to participate in Sea Badge

Sea Badge certificate
Sea Badge Certificate

Background: The Sea Badge Course is the advanced training course for Sea Scouting leaders at the Ship, District, Council or Regional level. The course consists of a weekend resident course and up to two years to apply the principles taught in the course to develop and extend the Sea Scouting program of Venturing in the local Council or within a Ship. Attendance at the Sea Badge course is nominative.

The cloth Sea Badge ("knot") emblem was discontinued with the new Sea Scouting uniforms in 2012. The actual Sea Badge is the only official training recognition to be worn on the field uniform.

How worn: If worn on the field Boy Scout or Venturing uniforms; or on the blue or white Sea Scout uniform, the metallic Sea Badge is worn centered immediately above the "Boy Scouts of America" or "Sea Scouts - BSA" strip (and any interpreter strips) on the RIGHT side of the uniform shirt.

If the older uniform "square knot" insignia is worn, it is worn with other square knot insignia and the metallic Sea Badge is NOT WORN.

The Sea Badge should be worn at all times by holders of the award (which was the original reason why the BSA fought for such a long time against providing an official "knot emblem" for the Sea Badge).

Rarity of Award: Rare


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