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Veteran Pin and Tie Bar

Looking for another way to honor those longtime Scouters? They can be designated as "Veteran Scouters" and recieve this small token of Scouting's appreciation.

Special pins and certificates are presented to 25, 50, 75, 100 and soon 120-year veterans.

Above is a 25-year Veteran lapel pin.

If you have a 25-, 50- or 75-year Veteran wall certificate, please scan a copy and send it to me so that the page can be more complete; additionally, if you have received or have a 50- or 75-year Veteran pin or tie bar, please also scan and send me a copy. I am more than happy to credit you with the find. Thanks!


Adult Civilian Wear Lapel Veteran Pins/Tie Bars

Veteran Pins/Tie Bars

Veteran lapel pins/tie bars

Since the early 30s, the BSA established a catagory of membership that very few people know about.

The category is called "Veteran" and it is awarded by the Boy Scouts of America to volunteers and professionals (no youth members) who have served the BSA for at least five years.

In the earliest days, the BSA created special insignia to be worn on the sleeve of the Scouter. Here are two scans of a 10- and 15- year Veteran Award: old version of 15-year Veteran insignia

old version of 10-year Veteran insignia These awards were made available along with special tie-tacs or lapel pins for civilian wear. Such insignia proved to be very popular with Scouters as they could wear the insignia with church or business clothing and immediately be recognized as a part of the BSA. Eventually, the cloth insignia went away and the lapel pins and later tie bars remained as the recognition pieces for Veteran Scouters.

Here is an example of one of the first lapel pins used (left) and a scan of one of the current lapel pins (right):

old version of 20 year Veteran pincurrent version of 10 year Veteran pin

How does one qualify?

Each five year period, a Scouter can make application to the local Council for "Veteran" status using this form. The local Council vertifies the registration and sends it forward to the BSA's Registration Service, who double-checks the registration information and if valid, returns to the local Council a certificate or card (depending on number of years, see below) and a lapel pin (OR, if the Scouter requests it, a tie bar).

Most Scouters will see that the design for the Veteran Pins and Tie Bars are the same design used for the Unit Veteran Award insignia which is worn on the unit's flag. (More information on unit veteran recognitions located here)

All Veteran recognitions include a pocket certificate; additionally, the 50- , 75- and 100-) year Veteran recognition also include a wall certificate and an auto-penned letter of congraduations from the Chief Scout Executuve which is supposed to be read and then presented during an appropriate award ceremony.

From the backside of the application form: "The veteran award is an adult recognition. However, tenure earned as a youth may be included in the total number of years registered.

After 5 years of registered service in the Boy Scouts of America, an adult may, upon application, receive the designation of “Veteran,” provided the person agrees to live up to the Scouting obligations; to keep local Scouting authorities in the community in which residing informed as to availability for service; and further, to be as active in the promotion of the cause of Scouting as circumstances and conditions permit. Service in Scouting organizations other than the Boy Scouts of America does not count toward veteran recognition. An individual must currently be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America in order to receive an award.

An adult designated veteran shall pay the regular registration fee if desiring to continue to retain active connection with the movement.

Scouters desiring recognition as veterans must have maintained an active registered relationship for the required number of years, paying the annual registration fee.

The records of the national office and local councils shall determine eligibility. The periods of service claimed for veteran recognition need not be continuous"

Where is it worn?

The lapel pin is NEVER worn with ANY of the official field uniforms of the Boy Scouts of America. It is considered as a "civilian lapel pin" and should ONLY be worn on civilian clothing -- either as a lapel pin or as a tie tac. The Tie Bar, if ordered or purchased, may be worn with the official field uniform's tie or with the older dress uniform tie.

There is currently NO INSIGNIA denoting PERSONAL Veteran status to be worn on the field uniform. The Veteran Bar is a UNIT RECOGNITION and not a personal one.


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