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Adult Uniform Left Side/Knot Insignia Tiger Cub Leader (Training) Award

Tiger Cub Leader (Training) Award

Tiger Cub Leader (Training) Award Square Knot
Tiger Cub Leader (Training) Award

Tiger Cub Leader Award
Tiger Cub Leader Award

Description: Uniform knot emblem is composed of orange and black ropes tied in a square knot on a yellow background with a red border, with the orange rope worn toward the wearer's right as shown. (personal comment here: the BSA redesigned this square knot to match others; the earlier version was narrower and the square knot design did not correspond to any of the other established designs). Colors come from the ribbon colors of the medallion as well as the colors of Tiger Cub Scouting. This award may be discontinued as Tiger Cubs is no longer a separate program and Tiger Cub Den Leaders may be eligible to earn the Den Leader (Training) Award.

Worn by: Tiger Cub Den Leaders, Male and Female Scouters

Earned or Received: Earned

Application for Tiger Cub Leader Award

Volunteer Training Award Certificate

Background: The Tiger Cub Leader Award is earned by Tiger Cub Leaders after completing two years of service, completing the Cub Scout Basic training course including the session for Tiger Cub Leaders and attendance at a Pow-Wow, and the completion of five of eight performance projects.

Rarity of Award: Common to Rare as program ends


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