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Red Scout vest with patches

ANYTHING may be worn on the red "brag vest." Anything up to the Scout and of course his parents. So Coast Guard and Air Force patches may indeed be worn anywhere on the vest. There is absolutely NO POLICY (written or otherwise) on what could or could not be worn on the red vest. Likewise, if a Scout or Scouter is wearing a non-BSA vest or jacket, anything may be worn on it as well.


Adult Insignia Left Side Professional Position emblems

Professional Positions at the Local Council level

(This page is crossposted as part of the Cardinal Council's website and addresses the roles of specific positions as it relates to the mythical Cardinal Council. With some adaptations, the same roles apply in many of the BSA's local Councils. Those with specific questions about what the specific roles and tasks of professionals in your local Council should be addressed to that individual or your Council's Scout Executive/Council Executive. I believe that they will be flattered that you asked them "what do you do and whom do you report to?")

It takes a small staff of professional managers to keep a Council working and meeting the needs of the youth it serves. In the Cardinal Council, we have a small staff of 28 which manages the Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Exploring, in-school Scouting/Exploring and other programs from Camp Brown-Candey. Here's what their badges of office look like and a little from them as to what they do and whom do they report to:

Scout Executive
Council Executive
I serve as the senior professional member of the Council as well as the secretary to the Council's Executive Board and as the day-to-day manager of the Council. I work with all of the other professional members as well as the senior volunteers in our Council to make sure that we have effective and worthwhile Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting, Varsity Scouting and Exploring programs in our territory. I report to the volunteers in this Council, whom gave me the authority to work here and to hire and promote a staff of super professional team members to help them. I am supervised by the Regional Area Director for Area Six, Southern Region. Some people call me the "Scout Executive", and that's okay; technically, I serve as a Council Executive. The difference is only in the amount of supervision and the amount of compensation I receive.

Council Executive Staff
Local Council Staff
There are eight of us that wear one or the other of these two patches. As the Assistant Council Executive, I serve as the senior manager of both the field operations and the support operations in the Council. To help me with carrying out those tasks, I have a Director of Field Services, a Director of Support Services, and a Director of Program Services. Each of those folks wear either the Council Executive Staff patch shown on the left or the older Local Council Staff patch shown on the right. One of our Field Directors also wear this patch; the other two wear special insignia for their specific position. Our Camping Director and our Finance and Development Director also wears one or the other patches. Our senior paraprofessional also wear the Local Council Staff patch as a way to distinguish her from the younger parapros.

Exploring Director
District Director
Our Exploring Director supervises two Exploring Executives and an In-School Scouting Executive. The Exploring Director reports to the Director of Support Services. We also have a District Director that supervises herself and two other professionals in her District along with two other professionals in an adjacent District. She reports to our Director of Field Services.

Exploring Executive
Local Council Staff
Our two Exploring Executives wear the patch on the left. They are supervised by the Exploring Director. The Camping and Outdoor Programs Director and our Finance and Development Programs Director wear the Local Council Staff patch shown on the right. Those two Directors are supervised by the Director of Program Services. The two Exploring Executives work with volunteers to develop Exploring programs and units Council-wide. One professional handles Exploring on the western part of the Council (less those Exploring units supervised by a District Executive) and the other handles Exploring on the east side of the Council (again, less those Exploring units supervised by a District Director).

The Camping and Outdoor Programs Director handles the total camping program at Camp Brown-Candey and supervises the year-round on-camp staff. The Camping and Outdoor Programs Director also supervises a team of paraprofessionals who co-op with either Eastern Kentucky, Morehead State, Northern Kentucky, or Kentucky State Universities whom work on the camp properties. He does not supervise those parapros that work with field executives in Frankfort. The Finance and Development Director supervises himself and one other professional that serves as Development Director along with a paraprofessional as they work toward increased financial support to the local Council and the development of new partnerships with communities and their youth.

Senior District Executive
Senior Exploring Executive
Our two Senior District Executives wear the patch on the left. We don't have any Senior Exploring Executives in this Council, but they would do the same as the Senior DEs would do. Senior District Executives supervise District Executives and other field professionals within their District and within adjacent District. One of our Senior DEs do this; the other Senior DE supervises himself and his "partner in service" within their District.

District Executive
District Executive Staff
Two of our Districts are what are called "full-service" Districts. Their managers are called "District Executives" and the patch on the left is the patch that they wear. It's the most common patch seen on the shoulders of professionals within the BSA. Those professionals that work to assist them wear the District Executive Staff patch. In our Council, only the Associate District Executives wear this patch; in other Councils, senior Paraprofessionals also wear this badge of office. We have only one person in our Council that wears the patch on the right, the Associate District Executive for the Central District. District Executives, regardless of the title, work alongside the volunteers of their District in developing and maintaining the Scouting programs assigned to them to manage on a day-to-day basis.

We rely on nine Paraprofessionals to assist us either at the Council or District level with various tasks. These part-time members of our staff do everything from managing the camp properties and providing school children with environmenal and religious educational programs, to providing field support in organizing new or existing Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Exploring or in-school programs in various areas of our Council. These men and women are enrolled in a Professional Preview Program, are supervised by either a Senior District Executive, a District Director, or a Program Director, and participate in all aspects of the Council's programming, to include assisting with fundrasing and new unit organization. This gives them a feel as to what the role of the professional is all about, as well as to provide additional services to our youth in areas demanded by our communities. Those working within field situations wear the Local Council Staff badge of office as shown above; those working at Camp Brown Candey or within the Council Service Center wear the Paraprofessional badge of office. Note the absence of the wreath of service -- Paraprofessionals are NOT considered commissioned executives by the BSA; we in the Cardinal Council consider them as valued members of the BSA support team!

Our eight employees - our four office assistants, our receptionist/operators, our Registrar, and our two Trading Post employees -- all wear the emblem on the right, along with SILVER shoulder loops. They work every day in providing the backup support to our men and women managing the Scouting program in the Kentucky River Valley. These men and women also participate in Council programs and activities, and two of them can throw together a really mean barebecue dinner!! These men and women work hard at making sure that your experiences in Scouting make you proud to be a part of our Council and proud to be a part of Scouting in America.

We have seven Rangers that manage our camp property on a daily basis. They live on the camp property, and are Owen County Deputy Sheriffs, so they provide law-enforcement and wildlife enforcement tasks as well. This is the insignia they wear along with the Council shouder strips. They are the ONLY Scouters on the property allowed to carry a firearm on our property.

You can see from the descriptions above that it's MORE than just your "District Executive" and the Council Executive that makes Scouting work in our Council. It takes a lot of other experienced individuals to make Scouting work here, and those are the insignia that they proudly wear as part of their experiences with us.


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