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William D. Boyce Organizer Award knot emblem

When the Boyce Organizer Award came out, some good-intentioned Supply Group worker did not have the template used for designing square knot insignia; they simply stated on the design form that a "silver square knot would be on a background of yellow, green and red". What we got was the square knot shown below. PRESENT version of the knot emblem looks like the above. EITHER VERSION may be worn.



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An Award for Organizers!

"Hudy, Keith Hudy" wrote and asked:

Does anyone know if there is some sort of award or recognition for adults that start a new troop? Is there a square knot, medal, etc.??

Scouters who DO go out of their way and assist or were the prime organizer for a new unit SHOULD get a medal, Keith; it's a LOT OF WORK!!

At the time this page was created, the ONLY things that the BSA OFFICIALLY have to present to volunteers is also one of the BSA's oldest pieces of insignia. It's called the "Organizer Pin", and was first used in 1948 to recognize Commissioners for organizing new BSA Councils. The pin, which you can purchase from the BSA's Supply Division or through your local Council service center, is designed for CIVILIAN WEAR ONLY.

Large version of Organizer Pin

(Not actual size...see below)

The only requirement for the pin is that a Scout or Scouter must be involved in organizing a new BSA unit. This makes it ideal for presenting to new chartered organizational representatives, for the organizer him/herself, and for anyone else whom were instrumental in getting the new unit off the ground and on the books. As a former Parapro, I followed one of my "role models" and had five or six of those pins in a box in the trunk of the car; that way, once the unit was organized, I wasted NO TIME in presenting the pin to the Scouter or non-Scouter (works best with non-Scouters; they quickly want to become Scouters due to the "instant recognition", which is EXACTLY what Gregory Cohen said WOULD happen (thanks, Greg!).

I believe now, Keith, that the pin runs for a buck and a half. The below is the actual size of the pin so that you and others that haven't seen it before can take a look at it.

Actual sized Organizer Pin William D. Boyce Organizer Award knot emblem

(Actual sized Organizer pin; there used to also be an Organizer Tie Bar...the tie bar is no longer available. The knot emblem is also shown)

In 2004, the BSA introduced a new Boyce Organizer Award knot emblem (see knot emblem above and note about the "two versions" shown above left.)

In order to earn the new award, the Organizer must not only organize the unit but see it through until the unit has been properly chartered. There is more information to include a great guide the BSA produced within the Librarysite. Look for "Boyce Organizer Guide".

UNOFFICIALLY, I would give a nice BSA plaque (one of the 4 dollar ones, not the more expensive ones!) to those that consistantly assist you in organizing new units over a period of time. There's a lot of really nice "plastic plaques", my personal favorite is the one with the "CSP" outline and another one with a "circular patch" outline. By engraving the plate for the SPECIFIC INSTANCE ("Keith Hudy, Organizer of nine units in East District, Cardinal Council, 1998") and adding the Council's CSP (or an older one) (or a special issue one) (you get the idea), the "plastic plaque" becomes something you want to KEEP and find a SPECIAL PLACE for it (and protect it from patch theives! heheheheee)

I received a nice letter from a District Director once for helping him in organizing eight new units in the "mega District." I thought that too was a nice touch, especially since I knew that the Council wasn't too hot on him and I working together to get those new units organized!

There's a LOT of ways, Keith, that those that spend their extra time in organizing and extending the Scouting program can be recognized. Doesn't have to be big, and it doesn't have to be a medal with a knot "attached."

But there ARE ways that we can recognize them...and they SHOULD be! Thanks for asking!


And then, a followup to Keith's question followed:

William L McLeod wrote:

The Boy Scout Leader's Training Award has a requirement to "Help organize or reorganize a Boy Scout Troop."

Thanks for the additional info, William!


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