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Womens' Reserve badge of office
What's THAT about? "Womens' Reserve"? The short answer is that it's a holdover from the days in which women could not serve as Scouters in Boy Scout or Varsity Scout unit but were still valued as Scouters which could assist the unit.

There's also this page which can provide more background on the insignia.


All Insignia Left Side Current Troop Badges of Office

Current Troop Badges of Office

I've noticed something, maybe it's not new or something, but it seems to me that we have different border and background colors for different patches showing what office you hold in Scouts. Was that on purpose or someone's idea of spicing up the uniform?

I've been fielding that line of questioning with regard to the various BSA position patches and badges of office for some time. Here's the specifics:

I have a lot of the old BSA position badges. Some of them are in the old light green color and some of them are in the tan background that matches the uniform. I also have two District Commissioner badges of office...one of them with a medium blue background and the other with a red background. Does that mean that one's for a Cub Scout District Commissioner and the other for a Boy Scout or Explorer Commissioner?? Finally, I have one patch that has a blue border and the wording "Women's Reserve" on it. What's that for and why does it have a different background color than the rest of the BSA badges of office?? Have I picked up a misprinted or rare patch? Thanks for the help!"

Here are the CURRENT badges of office for a typical Boy Scout Troop (as I scan the Cub Scout and Venturing position emblems or get a link to those current emblems, this page will be edited to add those items also):

YOUTH badges of office

(If you notice, there is a First Class emblem in silhouette in different colors. Originially, the BSA wanted to denote those positions as being held by First Class or better Scouts (silver, primary; gold, supporting; red, training/coaching). The BSA, after hearing from Scoutmasters all over the nation, abandoned that idea but not before the insignia was created.)

Senior Patrol Leader Assistant Senior Patrol Leader Troop Guide
Den Chief Historian Instructor Junior Assistant Scoutmaster
Librarian Leave No Trace Trainer OA Troop Representative Patrol Leader
Quartermaster Scribe Assistant Patrol Leader Chaplain Aide
Webmaster Chaplain Aide

This page will show the older - 70s era - badges of office because they are more plentiful and many units and local Councils still use them. Either version is official as long as they are worn correctly and reflect current status in the movement.

These pages will also eventually show the current badges of office because they are the most common and what units and local Councils should be using.


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