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Eagle Scout Mentor Pin

The Eagle Scout Mentor Pin is for CIVILIAN WEAR ONLY. Like the Mothers' and Fathers' Pins, the Mentor Pin is designed for the Eagle Mentor to wear on a suit or tie or as a hat pin (personally, I think that it's too nice a pin for a hat pin).

It is NOT a uniform item -- even to wear on the collar or pocket flap.


Boy Scout Program Civilian Wear Eagle Mentor Pin

Eagle Mentor Pin

Calvin H. Gray,
Scouts-L Youth Programs Discussion Group

The question has come up many times about the Eagle Scout Mentor Pin, specifically who receives it and where is it worn on the uniform.

Here is the documentation we provide to each new Eagle... Mike Walton has more information afterwards which explains the program more.

Only one mentor pin is included in the Eagle Scout recognition kit but additional pins may be purchased at your Scout Shop.

Here is the text of a document we provide to each new Eagle...

Eagle Scout Mentor Pin

Eagle Scout Mentor Pin

The Mentor Pin is a new addition to the Eagle Scout Presentation Kit.

Typically, the new Eagle will present the Mentor Pin to the person who served as his "Mentor" as he worked toward Eagle. Since Troop 405 doesn't use the formal Eagle Mentor Program, each of our new Eagle Scouts should use his own judgement in deciding to whom to present the pin.

This person could be the Scoutmaster, an Assistant Scoutmaster, a Committee Member, a merit badge Counselor, a sibling, another relative, or someone else who helped or encouraged him along his Trail to Eagle. The person could be a parent but try to avoid presenting the pin to a parent since your parents are already being recognized with special pins.

(There is a separate page which address the Parents' Pins)

In any case, each new Eagle will be given an opportunity to present a Mentor Pin during his Court of Honor.

Thank you very much, Calvin!!

As you stated, the only thing I would add is that there is a formal Eagle Mentor program which some local Councils use and that pin should be presented to the appointed Eagle Mentor assisting that Scout toward Eagle.

The Eagle Mentor is a person appointed by either the unit, the District or local Council to assist that Eagle from the time he becomes a Life Scout through the process toward becoming an Eagle Scout. The Eagle Mentor is a BSA response to a series of postings which were on the Scouts-L youth discussion group and which appeared in the popular "EagleTips (tm)" series of postings I edited and provided through the email discussion groups' archives.

The Mentor, however is more than an "Assistant Scoutmaster for kicking butt" as explained in the EagleTips(tm). The Mentor is a person who assists the Scout with the Eagle Scout service project process and sometimes "runs interferrence" for the Scout when he encounters those not familiar with what the Eagle Scout service project entails and what it does not. The Mentor also "preps" the family of the Eagle Scout as to the importance of the Award.

It is important to note that the Eagle Mentor IS NOT a substitute for the Scoutmaster, Coach, Advisor or Skipper...this person works WITH the key adult mentor of the unit and insures that the Eagle candidate is "on track" and taking the lead while working through the process toward becoming an Eagle Scout.

There are formal materials on the Eagle Scout Mentorship program and even some training offered for Eagle Mentors through local Councils. Check with *your local Council* to see if they are using the official program, a hyrbrid program, or no program.

The strength, then as now, of Scouts-L is not within a few "old timers". It is found within all of the members, interacting on a daily basis to encourage, clarify and work through issues and problems within *youth agency programs* (not just the BSA's traditional or Learning for Life programs).

(More information on Scouts-L can be found at this website or on the Leaders' Online(tm) page discussing Scouts-L

Calvin Gray is the Scoutmaster of Troop 405, chartered to the Crestview Baptist Church, in Gravevine, Texas. )


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Credits: Scans courtesy of Mike Walton. The "Rocking Chair" patrol medallion is one of several sold by a private firm called "ClassB". The emblems are the same size and design as the official patrol medallions; however, permission must be obtained by your Council's Scout Executive before wearing these nice emblems. Most Scout Executives will have no problem as long as you ask BEFOREHAND and not after the fact.

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