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Adult Uniform Left Side/Knot Insignia Dr of Comm Serv recog

Doctor of Commissioner Service recognition

Doctorate of Commissioner Service recogntion
Doctorate of Commissioner Service recognition

Description: Uniform knot emblem is composed of a silver square knot with a gold (yellow) border on a red background. The symbolism comes from the silver and gold wreaths which Commissioners wear.

Worn by:Male and Female Commissioners who have attained a Doctorate degree in Commissioner Science.

Earned or Received: Earned

Doctorate of Commissioner Science diploma
Doctorate of Commissioner Science diploma

Background:The BSA established a Commissioner service training sequence after test runs in Seattle and Atlanta. Many local Councils created special Colleges of Commissioner Service with training programs leading to a Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate degrees. As those programs matured, the BSA felt that there should be a universal recognition of those few Commissioners who took and applied the training sessions offered yearly or twice yearly; and have completed the training sequence toward the Scouters' Key Award as a Commissioner. The square knot insignia, designed to be presented with the Doctorate certificate, was established in 2009. Those Doctorate holders prior to 2009 can request the square knot and standard diploma through their local Council. There is also a special Doctorate cloth patch which may be available for purchase. Such emblems are worn centered on the right pocket of the Commissioner's field uniform; on centered on the right pocket of the Commissioner's jac-shirt.

This award is due to be consolidated with the two other Commissioner Awards to provide one or perhaps two "cloth recognitions" (square knot insignia) in 2015.

Rarity of Award: Rare


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