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Red Scout vest with patches

ANYTHING may be worn on the red "brag vest." Anything up to the Scout and of course his parents. So aquatic emblems/patches may indeed be worn anywhere on the vest. The various aquatic emblems, however, are encouraged to be worn ON SWIM GEAR (trunks or suit). There is absolutely NO POLICY (written or otherwise) on what could or could not be worn on the red vest. Likewise, if a Scout or Scouter is wearing a non-BSA vest or jacket, anything may be worn on it as well.


All Programs Uniform Left side Position emblem background

Background Colors Used on Position Patches

The BACKGROUND COLOR of a badge of office would distinguish the level of service of the wearer of the position patch:

Dark blue is used traditionally for Cub Scouting unit positions;

middle green for Boy Scouting unit positions;

those serving on District or local Council levels wear badges of office with light blue background;

Area Scouters wear patches with dark green backgrounds;

regional Scouters wear badges of office with "wine" or maroon backgrounds;

and National Scouters wear patches with purple backgrounds.

Additionally, National Scouter patches are fully embrodered as shown below. Those serving in positions which cross over to all levels wear white bordered patches.

The fully or partially embrodered emblems with the Mylar thread on it's border and/or within the text of the emblem, denoted a FULLY TRAINED volunteer or professional member. This was removed in the middle 80s by the re-introduction of the "Trained" strip. Some insignia still have the Mylar threaded border.

Pack Committee
Troop Committee
District Committee
Council Committee
Area Committee
Regional Committee
National Committee
(Women's) Reserve
Assistant District Commissioner
District Executive Staff

Something weird happened when the BSA created round badges of office for Exploring leaders. Under the original scheme, ALL Commissioner badges of office are in light red, or orange while professional badges of office are in a darker red or red. However, the BSA also created Exploring insignia using the Commissioner background colors and the "special position" border color (red). The BSA's justification for this is that red has always been associated with the Exploring program, and there should be little to no confusion between the "Big E" of Exploring and the Commissioner's wreath of service for Commissioners and professionals.

Starting in 2001, an attempt was made to create the majority of the BSA's position emblems at the unit level with a tan background regardless of program. It was thought that the tan background matches the uniform color best and creates a "seamless look" on the shirts. The verdict is still out on this, because most Scouts and Scouters really liked these versions, whereby the patch could easily be distinguished from the shirt. This and other pages will be updated with the "legacy" and "current" versions of the various position emblems.


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