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Moreso than the National Summertime Pack Award pin did in the 70s and 80s!! <P> </td> </tr> </table> </td> <td valign="top" width="20" background="images/v_line02.gif">&nbsp;</td> <td valign="top" width="601"><br> <B>Insignia </B> <!----------START OF TEXT AND IMAGE BLOCK BELOW THIS LINE ---------------------> <p align="right"><font size=1 face="Arial,Helvetica"> <!---this is in "division/item/location/description" format -- do not depart from format ---> <I><B> <a href="cub.htm">Cub Scout</a> <a href="rfront.htm">Right Front</a> <a href="pins.htm">Pins</a> <a href="summerpin.htm">National Summertime Pack Award</a> </I></B> <!----This may be "Adult/Uniforms/Right Side/Temporary Insignia" ----> <!----Mike, maybe some help: Division is Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturing, Adult> <!----(Applies to vols and pros) Items can be program, uniform, flag, knot -----> <!--- Location can be rside, rfront, lfront, lside, headgear, neckwear, terms ---> <!--- Description matches first word in title or what item is -----> </font></p> <p><font face="Arial,Helvetica" size=5> <B><CENTER>National Summertime Pack Award</CENTER></B></font></p> <!-------THE TITLE SHOULD BE THE SAME AS THE TITLE ABOVE ----------------------> <!--- If posting an item from Scouts-L or a newsgroup, don't forget the mention ---> <!--- <h4>By Mike Walton,<br>Scouts-L Youth Programs Discussion Group</h4> -----> <P> <CENTER><IMG SRC="insignia/cssummer.jpg" ALT="older National Summertime Pack Award pin"></A><BR> <B>Old National Summertime Pack Award pin </B></CENTER> <P> The BSA provided a National Summertime Pack Award since the middle 60s. The original award consisted of a certificate (see versions over the years below) and a streamer for the Pack's flag. Some Councils, like the Transatlantic Council (in Europe) created special uniform insignia which members of the Pack during that summer could wear on the uniform to signify the attainment of the Award. The intent of the Award was to pattern the Troop's <A HREF="natcamp.htm">National Camping Award certificate</A> by providing a recognition item for Cub Packs. <P> In 1971, the BSA created the National Summertime Pack Award pin shown above. It was worn on the right pocket flap of the Cub Scout uniform and during that time, it could be worn by both youth and adults who were members of the Pack at the time of the Award. The first instance of the Pin appeared in the 1973 Insignia Control Guide. <P> The Pin (then as now) is worn centered on the right pocket flap of the Cub Scout or WEBELOS Cub Scout uniform. If the Cub Scout Outdoor Activities Award emblem is worn on the flap, the pin(s) is worn above the "Boy Scouts of America" strip (and above any interpreter strips that the Cub Scout has earned) centered as if it was on the flap. The most that a Cub Scout or WEBELOS Cub Scout could earn are five -- one from each program "year group" except WEBELOS, which he would wear two (or if you can find one, one of the older Cub Scout Summertime Pack Award pins as displayed on the top of the page). <P> The flag streamer is the same each year with a space for the year the Award was earned to be added by a marker or pen. The certificate however changed over the decades: <P> <CENTER><IMG SRC="insignia/sumflag.jpg" ALT="National Summertime Pack Award streamer"></A><BR> <B>National Summertime Pack Award streamer</B></CENTER> <P> <CENTER><IMG SRC="certs/sum74.jpg" ALT="1974 National Summertime Pack Award certificate"></A><BR> <B>1974 National Summertime Pack Award certificate</B></CENTER> <P> <CENTER><IMG SRC="certs/sum80.jpg" ALT="1980 National Summertime Pack Award certificate"></A><BR> <B>1980 National Summertime Pack Award certificate</B></CENTER> <P> <CENTER><IMG SRC="certs/sum00.jpg" ALT="2000-era National Summertime Pack Award certificate"></A><BR> <B>2000-era National Summertime Pack Award certificate</B></CENTER> <P> In 2009, the BSA created versions -- the current versions -- of the National Summertime Pack Award for each Cub Scout rank/year to be worn by those Cub Scouts and Cub Scouters who were members of the Pack (and Den) during the time the Pack earned the National Summertime Pack Award. It also established how the pins would be worn if a Cub Scout or WEBELOS Cub Scout earned the Cub Scout Outdoor Activities Award and wore the special patch over the right pocket flap: <P> <CENTER><IMG SRC="insignia/sumaward.jpg" ALT="current National Summertime Pack Award pins"></A><BR> <B>current National Summertime Pack Award pins</B></CENTER> <P> <CENTER><IMG SRC="insignia/coutdoor.jpg" ALT="Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award emblem"></A><BR> <B>Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award emblem</B></CENTER> <P> Brenden Fulmer wrote and asked over on a Facebook patch trading page: <BR> <I>"Would you folks please settle a debate for me? With the Summertime Pack Award, leaders who attended all 3 months' activities can wear the pin for the den level they serve, correct?"</I> <P> He is referring to an older page on the BSA's site which referred to the wearing of the Summertime Pack Award pin by both youth and adult members of a Pack earning the Award. <P> The answer is "No. Only youth members get to wear the pins now. The BSA's Cub Scout Program team put out a revision to the older posting back in 2014 which re-established the National Summertime Pack Awards for only youth members." <P><P> Hope this helps out!! Thanks for asking me! <P> <!-----------END OF THE TEXT AND IMAGE BLOCK-----------------------------------> <B><I>Settummanque!</I></B> <P> <br clear=all><br><CENTER> <a href="#top">Back to the Top of this Page</a><br><br></CENTER> <!-- This is where additional comments or links mentioned in the posting should --> <!-- go. 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