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Official National Scout Jamboree emblem

The official Centennial National Scout Jamboree® emblem.


Boy/Varsity Scout Uniform Left Front Jamboree

Wearing Centennial Jamboree® Insignia

General Information on displaying/wearing National Scout Jamboree® insignia is located at this page. Basically, the same guidance as all previous Jamborees apply to the design, wearing and removal dates of non-permanent Jamboree insignia.

The BSA reminded me to remind folks that the word "Jamboree®" is a registered trademark of the BSA and that all emblems and designs associated with the National Scout Jamboree® are COPYRIGHTED with a REGISTERED TRADEMARK to the Boy Scouts of America.

Thanks to those all who lobbied on my behalf to allow me to display and explain the various official Jamboree® insignia items; and thanks to the BSA's Supply Group and the Jamboree Service for providing information and some of the scans used on this and other pages...

David and his mother Joanna wrote and asked:

We had a TERRIFIC time at the National Scout Jamboree, the last one to be put on at Fort AP Hill. My son got a LOT of patches for his personal collection and his Jamboree troop gave him a lot others to wear. He also returned home with six small patches in a baggie which are supposed to be worn with the Jamboree patch. I can't find anything online about them but my son says it "goes with the Jamboree patch". In what order are they to be worn or does it matter? Were there other patches he was supposed to earn to complete the "ring"? Now that the Jamboree is over and we are back home in central Indiana, we are kind of confused as to what we can wear, where to wear all of this, and all of that. We also have been told (mainly by people who were not there and only know about the Jamboree from the Council) that we have to take everything off after the first of next year, because the "Centennial" is over then. Please help!!

Hi Joanna!! Hello David!! I too had a WONDERFUL time at Fort A.P. Hill, Virginia during the summer of 2010 in support of the Centennial National Scout Jamboree!! I got to meet new friends and see old friends -- some I've been electronically talking with for decades but this was the first time we have physically met!

And yes, I have received a LOT of patches -- some in trades with other adults; others just handed to me. I will treasure those pieces of cloth for the rest of my life -- and will wear some of it too!!

Here's the official information from the BSA along with some wearing/displaying suggestions from me.

National Centennial Jamboree® insignia:

The Boy Scouts of America controls the design, usage and wear of their official Jamboree insignia. This is why this information appears here some would say "a little too late" since the Jamboree was held in Virginia the last week of July and the first week of August, 2010. In previous Jamborees, enterprising people took the BSA's official design and developed UNOFFICIAL or UNAUTHORIZED insignia and then "pawning it off" as "official Jamboree insignia." As a result, the BSA starting with the 1997 National Jamboree, registered the Jamboree design and emblems as trademarks; and in 2008, the word "Jamboree" is a registered trademark of the Boy Scouts of America (along with other uniquely Scouting terms, names and ranks). The BSA also controlled who would be able to use their official designs (which is why I had to get permission to use the below insignia on this site, since my site is not an official BSA site).

The official Centennial Jamboree emblem is shown below. There were two official versions of this emblem made: a youth emblem, three inches in diameter; and an adult emblem, slightly larger at three and half or four inches (depending on loom run). The SIZE of the emblem, not the lettering, denotes if the emblem is designed for a youth member or adult to wear.

National Scout Jamboree® emblem

(From the BSA Supply Bulletin)

"Scouts, Scouters, Venturers and adult Venturing leaders selected to participate or serve as staff members may wear the Jamboree® emblem centered above the "Boy Scouts of America" strip on the right side of the uniform shirt (and above any and all interpreter strip(s) received), immediately after their first payment toward the Jamboree has been received by the Jamboree Service.

There are two separate official Jamboree® emblems. One is to be worn by individuals 17 years of age and younger; the other by individuals 18 years of age and older.

They may continue to wear the emblem as a promotion and inspirational item before, during and after the Jamboree®."

(to add to the BSA Supply Bulletin information, there were also two other official Jamboree staff emblems created; one with the lettering in black "Staff" and the other with the lettering in black "FAPH" (for "Fort A.P. Hill"). Either of these emblems may be worn by staff and/or military support members who appear on manning rosters managed by the Jamboree Service or the Joint Task Force - National Scout Jamboree on the same basis as the youth and/or adult Jamboree emblems.)

National Scout Jamboree® staff emblem (the military support emblem is identical except for the lettering "FAPH" instead of "Staff")

As in previous Jamborees, the BSA created a special "visitor" emblem for those who VISITED BUT DID NOT PARTICIPATE in the Jamboree® may wear. This emblem is worn either centered on the RIGHT POCKET of the field uniform or may be worn anywhere on a jacket, vest or blanket. IT IS NOT THE OFFICIAL JAMBOREE® emblem -- just an emblem for those visiting to have and keep!

National Scout Jamboree® Visitor emblem

To answer Joanna and David's question, the official Jamboree® emblem may be worn INDEFINETLY by participants and/or staff members. Most Scouts and Scouters only get to participate in ONE Jamboree during their lifetime. The emblem can remain on the shirt until the Scout or Scouter no longer is a registered Scout or Scouter or until the Scout or Scouter participates in the 2013 or later National Scout Jamboree; the 2011 or 2015 World Jamboree; or an international event or activity approved in advance by the BSA's International Division (examples of this include EuroJam, InterCamp, AfriJam, Asian Jamboree, and other regional or worldwide international events *approved by the International Division, BSA to have an official BSA contingent*.)

The emblem should be worn at least two inches above the top edge of the "Boy Scouts of America", "Venturing BSA" or "Sea Scouts- BSA" strip or the top edge of the interpreter strip on the right front side of the uniform shirt (either the "legacy" khakitan shirt, the official "Centennial" uniform shirt; either version of the green Venturing shirt; or the white Sea Scout blouse.)

The reason why the emblem should be worn two inches above the top edge of the strip is to allow the Scout or Scouter to wear special segments ("rockers") earned during the Jamboree immediately under and surrounding the bottom edge of the emblem. During this Jamboree®, six segments were available for Scouts to earn and an arc patch was available for Scoutmasters and Assistants to earn and wear; in previous Jamborees® a "wide game" segmented patch was available for Scouts and Scouters to wear and special "Scoutmaster" recognition emblems which encircled the Jamboree® emblem were also available. These items are also permitted to be worn on an indefinate basis by the holder.

The Scoutmaster arc along with all six youth segments. The items are worn around the official Jamboree® emblem.

The six segments were the only official "add-ons" with the official Jamboree® emblem. They may be worn in any order the Scout chooses to do so; information about the segments are available from the Jamboree® guide given to your Scout previous to his attendance and within the Jamboree® "Passport" he was supposed to keep up with. His Scoutmaster should have another copy for him. The segments, by the way, do not make a complete "ring" or "circle". They are designed to be worn as show below.

Example of a Jamboree® emblem with all six segments. The adult emblem's arc is worn above and touching the adult Jamboree® emblem.

TEMPORARY Jamboree® insignia:

The following Jamboree® insignia is designed for wear by participants and staff members from the time they made the final payment to the BSA's Jamboree Service until Feburary 28, 2011, at which time the insignia should be removed and saved as keepsakes of their Jamboree® experience and replaced with CURRENT status insignia.

(Again, from the BSA's Supply Bulletin:)

"Local Councils and the four BSA Regions may produce special Jamboree® insignia to be worn by participants and staff members before and during the Jamboree® and for six months after the conclusion of the National Jamboree®. Such insignia must be approved in advance by either the Regional or Council Scout Executive to purpose and usage prior to wearing.

Individual Jamboree Troops are not permitted to design nor procure Jamboree® emblems except as outlined above. Jamboree® Troops will use the special Jamboree® Boy Scouts of America unit insignia and will not create special unit insignia."

The specifics:

  • Special Jamboree Shoulder patches (JSPs) and Jamboree Troop numbers. These should be replaced by the current Council Shoulder Patch (CSP) and unit number (if the Scouter is registered as part of a unit).

    Example of a "JSP" and Jamboree® Troop emblem
  • Special Jamboree shoulder loops. These should be replaced by the current OLIVE shoulder loops on either the "legacy" or "Centennial" uniform shirt for Scouts; and the appropriate colored shoulder loop for Scouters.

    Jamboree® shoulder loops
  • Special Jamboree Centennial ring emblem. This should be replaced by the current Centennial ring which surrounds the World Crest emblem on either the "legacy" or "Centennial" shirt. NOTE: There is conflicting information on the wearing of the Jamboree "ring" and the "Centennial ring" emblem. The last Jamboree Bulletin stated that Scouts and Scouters may wear the "Jamboree ring" indefinately; the Supply Bulletin states that it's a "temporary item" as opposed to the "Centennial ring emblem" which may be permanantly worn by Scouts, Venturers and Scouters. MY ADVICE is to "swap out" the Jamboree® ring with the Centennial ring emblem in Feburary.

    Jamboree® ring emblem (which goes around the World Crest as shown)
  • Special Jamboree® Regional emblems. These should be replaced by the current official Regional emblem for officeholders and professionals registered through that Region.

    National Scout Jamboree® regional emblems
  • Special Jamboree® staff emblems. To be replaced with individual temporary insignia on the right pocket (and pocket flap, if used) at the discretion of the Scout/Scouter.

    National Scout Jamboree® staff area emblems
  • Special Jamboree® two-piece OA patches. To be replaced with individual temporary insignia on the right pocket (and pocket flap, if used) at the discretion of the Scout/Scouter.

    National Scout Jamboree® two-piece pocket/flap patches

Other Jamboree items:

More than 3000 patches, pins, neckerchiefs, teeshirts, hats, coins, and other items have been produced by the BSA Supply Group, BSA divisions, the four BSA regions, local Councils,Order of the Arrow Lodges, corporarations, civic groups and even state and county governments in support of the 2010 Centennial National Scout Jamboree®. Trying to place them all on a website or even in a book would become a massive undertaking!!

Suffice it to say, ALL of those items may be worn temporarily centered on the right pocket of the uniform shirt, one at a time! I would personally find a large boot box, label it "Jamboree keepsakes", and place ALL of those items into that box. Over time, those items will become valuable keepsakes as the style of patchmaking will change and instead of wearing cloth insignia, we well may be wearing a LCD screen on our right pockets with images of the patches we've earned available to be displayed via a touch-screen pad! *smiling*

I personally have purchased a special jac-shirt. On this shirt will eventually be all of the patches that were given to me during the Jamboree® along with duplicates of the official Jamboree® insignia. In future years, I'll be able to wear this jac-shirt to Scouting activities and events and it will become a special interest item. You can do the same with a red vest, a blanket, or even frame all of the items with brief notes to display in your home.

Examples of such items are displayed below. As I mentioned this is NOT all-inclusive and was never meant to be -- just to give some ideas of the variety of emblems which were developed to support the Jamboree®

  • The Chief Scout Executive created a special emblem to hand out to Scouts, Scouters and special visitors to the Jamboree®. I would definately treasure these special emblems because there was only one run of these emblems and unlike other years, the CSE did not just make them available at his office tent area!

    CSE emblem - the center emblem is a copy of the first Chief Scout emblem
  • The Supply Group created a special "patch of the day" and 300 of these were available for sale during the day between the three Trading Posts. If you got there too late, too bad so sad...call your dad!

    All ten Jamboree®"Patches of the Day".
  • Caroline and Spotsvania Counties in Virginia worked together with several firms and their visitors' centers to create special "Jamboree Generals" CSPs which they sold. They ran out TWICE, as people participated in a "scavenger hunt" to find and purchase these emblems. There were twelve: six Confederate and six Union Generals; additionally two special "I was there" and "I visited" the Jamboree emblems which were released unfortunately AFTER the Jamboree® was over and most of the Scouts were on their way back home.

    One of the Jamboree General patch
  • The 100th Anniversary SCOUTING stamp was released by the United States Postal Service during the Jamboree; with that a special SCOUTING STAMP patch was also released -- again like most patches, 300 of these were created and they went extremely fast (like the first day issue of the stamp!)

    "SCOUTING Stamp" patch

(As I scan more items, I'll provide more examples...but I wanted to give you some idea of the variety of emblems.)

The official Jamboree® emblems are registered trademarks of the Boy Scouts of America, and may not be reproduced, copied or altered without the written permission of the National Director of the Jamboree Service and the National Director of Program."

I hope this helps answers your questions about the emblems supporting the great Centennial National Scout Jamboree®!

Great question! Keep asking!


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Credits: Scans courtesy of Mike Walton and the BSA's Jamboree Service. Additional scans of the segments and arc are from Paul Branningham.

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