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George Meany Award
George Meany Award

This is the official, BSA-issued version of this square knot insignia. Most of the ones which were purchased by holders of the Award with the background colors reversed have been returned to the Relationships Division to be destroyed. Of course, there's several memorabilia dealers and patch collectors who have both versions in their personal collections!

"Square knot" insignia

All Insignia Left Front Iraqi Scouting Service Award

Iraqi Scouting Service Award

Iraqi Scouting Service Award
Kashafa Service Award/Iraqi Scouting Service Award

Worn by: Male and Female Scouters (see note below)

Emblem Description:

The square knot emblem is in the colors of the national flag of Iraq: black, red and white and features a green border. There were two versions of the emblem made: a twill white background and a felt white background. This was because the first emblems were made in Iraq and the second version was made with a manufacturer in the Far East.


In 2008, the "Green Zone Council", the organization guiding and assisting the Iraqi Scouting Association with their restoration, authorized a special award to recognize Scouters from any nation who has contributed to the success of the restoration of the Iraqi Scouting Association. This award is equal to the BSA's Silver Buffalo Award. Unlike the Silver Buffalo however, there is no necklace award nor plaque (there are plans to provide a plaque in the future, however). As of 2013, there has been 39 awards of the Kashafa Service Award (Iraqi Scouting Service Award).

The Award consists of a special certificate in Arabic and English attesting to the award; and the square knot insignia described above.

From the minutes of the Green Zone Council in November of 2008:

"Criteria for Award of “Iraq Scouting Service Square Knot” – ISSSK

A. Eligible for Scouters or Non-Scouters; Girl Scouts, Girl Guides and Boy Scouts both in Iraq and in the World Scouting Organization.

B. The knot shall be a black and red square knot on white material, with green border; in order to symbolize the national colors of Iraq. The Knot shall be worn in accordance with a person’s organization and country recognized rules. If awarded to a business, the knot may be displayed but is not eligible for wearing by any individuals in the business.

C. Awarded only once; for support of the Scouting Movement in Iraq after 1 January 2004.

i) Service Support

a. Direct service by a minimum of 30-hours of service in Iraq to support Iraq Scouting (maximum 8-hours per day) b. Indirect Service by a minimum of 60-hours of service outside of Iraq to support Iraq Scouting.

ii) Financial Support

a. Direct Financial Donation – awarded to any person or business who directly contributes $500 or more into the World Scouting Fund or a recognized Iraqi scouting fund for future use of the Iraq Scouts and Guides.

b. Indirect Financial Donation – awarded to any person or business who raises smaller donations from others, totaling $1,000 or more or who provides needed scouting materials, services and/or equipment.

iii) Special Act or Support from a leader or person who makes a regional or national contribution to bring credit or focus or attention to the building of the Scout Movement for Boys and Girls in Iraq.

D. Verification for awarding this recognition knot can be given by the signatures of two recognized Council or Scouting leaders in Iraq for awards under category C.i and ii and with four signatures under category C.iii. Records and the number of these awards that have been given will be kept by the Scout organization in Iraq.

E. The Awardee shall be presented a certificate suitable for framing and the ISSSK.

F. Additional/Replacement ISSK’s may be purchased only by past recipient’s and will cost $3.00 each.

That's the great news. The bad news is that most Scouters receiving this award cannot wear the square knot.

From the BSA:

"Scouts and Scouters who earn or receive awards from other nation's Scouting associations may wear them on the official BSA field uniform only when members from that nation are present at the activity or event; or when the wearing of such insignia furthers the World Brotherhood of Scouting. Otherwise, they are not routinely worn with BSA uniforms." (Scout Executive Manual, 27-17 "Wearing of Other Scouting Insignia")


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