Steve Henning posted his Council's requirements for earning an International Activities patch. This is the exception, not the majority, as most of our local Councils have not developed any kind of requirement for obtaining or purchasing the patches.

The International Activity patch is a 3-inch diameter patch to be worn on the right pocket of the uniform to recognize participation in unit, council, and world scouting international activities. The patch (#00144) may be purchased from the Council Service Center. This and a 5-inch jacket patch (#00145) are available from Scout Shops for authorized wear.

There is no time restriction for earning the International activity patch. The requirements in our council are:

The unit leader, or his designee, determines eligibility. From among the 3 categories, a registered youth or adult must earn 100 points.

Category I (40 points each)

Category II (20 points each)

Category III (60 points each)

For more information contact your Council Service Center.

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