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The space for a World or National Jamboree emblem was decided by INTERNATIONAL agreement and not something that a local Council can change on their own. The proper location for either emblem is on the red or blue jac-shirt, centered on the right pocket with the large eight-inch NAYLE emblem centered on the back side (or below the Order of the Arrow or National Eagle Scout Association back patch). <P> <P> <CENTER><IMG SRC="insignia/nylt.jpg" ALT="National Youth Leadership Training emblem"></CENTER> <P> </td> </tr> </table> </td> <td valign="top" width="20" background="images/v_line02.gif">&nbsp;</td> <td valign="top" width="601"><br> <B>Insignia</B> <!----------START OF TEXT AND IMAGE BLOCK BELOW THIS LINE ---------------------> <p align="right"><font size=1 face="Arial,Helvetica"> <!---this is in "division/item/location/description" format -- do not depart from format ---> <I><B> <a href="scout.htm">Boy Scout</a> <a href="uniform.htm">Uniform</a> <a href="other.htm">Other</a> <a href="NYLT.htm">NYLT/NAYLE</a> </I></B> <!----This may be "Adult/Uniforms/Right Side/Temporary Insignia" ----> <!----Mike, maybe some help: Division is Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Venturing, Adult> <!----(Applies to vols and pros) Items can be program, uniform, flag -----> <!--- Location can be rside, rfront, lfront, lside, headgear, neckwear, term ---> <!--- Description matches first word in title or what item is -----> </font></p> <p><font face="Arial,Helvetica" size=6> <strong><CENTER>NYLE/NAYLE</CENTER></strong></font></p> <!-------THE TITLE SHOULD BE THE SAME AS THE TITLE ABOVE ----------------------> <!--- If posting an item from Scouts-L or a newsgroup, don't forget the mention ---> <!--- <h4>By Mike Walton,<br>Scouts-L Youth Programs Discussion Group</h4> -----> <P> National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) and the BSA's National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) are the names of the youth leadership training programs which replaced the old "JLT" (Junior Leadership Training) and "Brownsea Double-Two" training found in many of our local Councils and nationally. The structure of both courses are a week-long session held at a local Council or National camp location (Philmont or starting in 2015, Summit) and are conducted by trained Scouters, many of which are Wood Badge trained. Boy Scout and Venturing youth leaders, nominated by their units are invited to participate and complete the training or experience. <P> At the end of the training or experience session, a very colorful emblem is presented to the Scout or Venturer. There seems to be some confusion about where the emblem is to be worn. It is worn just like the older <A HREF="jlt.htm"> JLT</A> and <A HREF="tlt.htm"> TLT </A> training courses and the Go Silver Bars! experience emblems are to be worn -- one at a time, centered on the right pocket of the uniform or suspended from the right pocket of the field uniform. As an alternative, this emblem may be worn centered on the right pocket of a jac-shirt. The larger six to eight inch version of this emblem can be worn centered on the backside of a jac-shirt or lighter-weight jacket. <P> <CENTER><IMG SRC="insignia/nylt.jpg"></A><BR> <B>National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) Emblem</B></CENTER> <P> <CENTER><IMG SRC="insignia/nayle.gif"></A><BR> <B>National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) Emblem</B></CENTER> <P> Ray Theberge wrote to me: <P> <I>"I sent two Scouts to the NAYLE course at Philmont this year, and the boys came back with their NAYLE participant patch sewn over their right hand pocket on their field uniform shirt. I explained to them that only World and National Jamboree patches go there, but the boys insisted that the SPL (and the ASPL's) from the course had theirs sewn on in the same place and told the boys that this was an approved place to put the patch." </I> <P> It is NOT...the ONLY approved insignia which goes over the "Boy Scouts of America" strip and any interpreter strips (if earned) is EITHER the BSA's National Jamboree emblem (and segments if earned), the BSA's World Jamboree contingency emblem; or a World Jamboree or International encampment emblem (like InterCamp, EuroCamp, PacCamp, etc.) <P> <I>"While I found the section in the insignia guide that says where to put the World and National Jamboree patches, I could not find a section that explained that other patches were prohibited from being above the right hand pocket." </I> <P> Thank you Ray, for the scans and for asking the question, which I've also passed on to the BSA for consideration in their new Guide to Insignia and Awards. It is supposed to be added to that publication with the 2014 version. <P> Additionally, because many Scouters and Scouts asked for something more permanent on the uniform shirt representing their experience and training, the BSA created in 2015 the NYLT strip emblem (shown below). EITHER this emblem OR the "Trained" strip should be worn by NYLT/NAYLE graduates. It is worn below the badge of office on the left shoulder of either the "legacy" or the "Centennial" Scout shirt. The emblem remains on the shirt until the Scout or Venturer "ages out" of the program (18 for Boy Scouting; 21 for Venturing). ONLY YOUTH members of the BSA wear this emblem. <P> <CENTER><IMG SRC="insignia/NYLT.jpg"></A><BR> <B>National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) strip emblem</B></CENTER> <P> <!-----------END OF THE TEXT AND IMAGE BLOCK-----------------------------------> <B><I>Settummanque!</I></B> <P> <br clear=all><br><CENTER> <a href="#Pagetop">Back to the Top of this Page</a><br><br></CENTER> <!-- This is where additional comments or links mentioned in the posting should --> <!-- go. 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